Fabulous American Real Estate: Insider’s Look at Top Listings

The listing and sale of multi-million dollar mansions in the U.S. has continued in full force. In 2011 and 2012, record highs for listings and sales proved that the U.S. has retained its love of “the estate.” Here are six of the top listings and sales.

Los Angeles’ Spelling Manor: Sold for $85M

Los Angeles Real Estate

Image via TheJaneDough.com

Famous Owners: Bing Crosby, American singer and actor. Candy Spelling, American author and widow of producer Aaron Spelling.

This home was listed at $150M for three years, making it the most expensive listing in the country. In July 2011, after borrowing $82.4 million from her mother, Petra Eccleston (daughter of English billionaire Bernie Ecclestone) was able to secure this 123-room mansion for just $85M. The home features three stories and 56,500 square feet of living space.

Two-Floor New York City Penthouse: Sold for $90M

New York Real Estate

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Famous Owners: Unknown

The One57 Tower in New York City is slated for completion in 2013, but an advance purchase of a two-story penthouse gives the building the record for most expensive non-commercial New York City properties. The penthouse has nearly 11,000 square feet of living space and a location in the heart of Manhattan’s Midtown. It was bought by a family who chose to stay anonymous.

Rybolovlev’s Palm Beach Mansion: Sold at $95M

Palm Beach Real Estate

Image via Lussuosissimo.com

Famous Owners: Donald Trump, famous entrepreneurial force and icon of modern American industry.

In 2008, Trump sold this mansion to Russian fertilizer magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev. Trump purchased the property himself just four years prior for $41.4M. The estate features 33,000 square feet of living space and a private stretch of Palm Beach.

Milner’s Silicon Valley Mansion: Sold at $100M

Silicon Valley Real Estate

Image via BornRich.com

Famous Owners: Currently owned by Yuri Milner, founder of Digital Sky Technologies.

This Silicon Valley mansion was purchased by Milner in 2011. The $100M price he paid was the highest recorded price paid for a single-family house in the U.S. The estate rests on 11 acres in Los Altos Hills and has sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, but Milner has yet to move into the home and stated he has no current plans to do so.

Fleur de Lys Manor in Beverly Hills: For Sale at $125M

Beverly Hills Real Estate

Image via Pix Grove

Famous Owners: Previously owned by the American entrepreneur David Saperstein. It is currently owned by his ex-wife, Suzanne Saperstein.

Suzanne Saperstein famously received this real estate as part of her divorce settlement from David Saperstein. While the estate has been on the market since 2007, Suzanne has indicated no interest in budging on the price. The estate features 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and over 35,000 total square feet of living space.

Versace’s Miami Beach Estate: For Sale at $125M

Miami Beach Real Estate

Image via EVPConcierge

Famous Owners: Gianni Versace, world-famous Italian fashion designer.

The Versace estate features peculiar architectural stylings, 23,400 square feet of living space, and a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. The mansion brags several “museum-class” sculptures and architectural masterpieces, including the gold-lined swimming pool.

These listings are just the top few examples of mind-boggling beauty and sky-high price tags in American real estate. There’s no telling what the coming years will bring.

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