Fresh-Baked Cookies and Other Scents that Will Help You Sell a Home Faster

There are lots of ways to make a home more appealing to potential buyers. The most common way is to use home staging to show buyers what it would be like to live in the home and how nice it could look. However, you can up your staging game by appealing to senses other than the eyes. For instance, strategically choosing scents, such as fresh-baked cookies, will help you sell a home faster. So, take a look at how to choose the right scents.

Highlight Different Areas of the Home with Different Scents

Scents to Sell a Home

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People subconsciously associate smells with memories and feelings from the past. You can use this to your advantage when trying to sell a home by placing scents that will ignite positive memories in buyers. You can choose one scent for the entire house or choose several scents and place them strategically throughout the house.

Here are some scent ideas for highlighting different rooms:

  • If your house has a nice kitchen, make fresh-baked bread, cookies, and other bakery items. The scent will permeate the house and get buyers thinking about all the yummy foods they can make in that kitchen
  • Use smells that are reminiscent of holidays to showcase a large dining room. For instance, a pumpkin pie candle will get buyers thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Choose relaxing scents in large bathrooms to show buyers how luxurious they are. The best scents for this are chamomile, lilac, lavender, and vanilla.

Choose a Scent that Matches the Environment

Environmental Scents

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Just like you can highlight different rooms in your home to bring up positive memories in buyers, you can also highlight the environment of the home with different scents.

Here are some scent ideas for showcasing the environment:

  • Pine will get people thinking about the outdoors, so it is great for cabins and houses in woodsy areas.
  • You can make people think about the laid back environment of the islands with the smell of tropical flowers and coconuts.
  • Lysol and other cleaning products will make your house smell clean; just be careful not to make it too strong.

Hide Smells That Are Not Appealing to Buyers

Hide Unappealing Smells

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It’s also important to remember that certain smells are a turn off to buyers. So, you should do what you can to mask them. Sometimes all you need is a candle, but other times you need to put in some elbow grease and get an area cleaned up really well so it doesn’t give off a foul odor.

Here are some scents you should look out for:

  • Most people don’t like pet smells. So, make sure that your pet area is clean. If you have a cat, make sure to thoroughly clean the litter box.
  • Cigarette smoke is another smell that is a turn off to buyers. Do what you can to remove the smell of cigarettes by washing fabrics and airing out rooms.
  • Make sure your garage doesn’t smell like oil or old paint by airing it out.

What are some of your favorite scents and what would be appealing to you if you were looking to buy a home? Leave your comments below.

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