The Importance of Email Marketing in Real Estate

Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to current and potential clients, from investors to agents to homeowners. An exciting, thoughtful campaign can easily bring in more business and increase your profits. However, email is a tricky platform because no one wants to feel annoyed or inundated, so market yourself using smart, successful tactics.

Do Update, Don’t Spam

Real Estate Emails

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Whether you’re letting your subscribers and contacts know about new listings, open houses, or current real estate trends, keeping them up-to-date is essential. However, spamming them with scores of emails is the best way to turn off your client base and drive them away from you. In order to keep yourself fresh in their minds, try updating every two weeks. Once a month is too little and once a week is overkill, unless your information is entirely new and fresh.

Do Email Contacts, Don’t Farm Email Addresses

Real Estate Contacts

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Invite people to sign up for your email marketing campaign. Give them a place to subscribe on your website or take down their email addresses in person. Potential clients will appreciate the gesture because it proves you’re interested in helping them. Do not ever farm or purchase email addresses, though. Sending unsolicited emails to uninterested parties is the worst form of spam and it will place a black mark on your reputation as a trustworthy source. People will get angry and that’s bad business. Instead, find real sources through face-to-face encounters, your website, and your social media outlets.

Do Interest Contacts, Don’t Make False Promises

Real Estate Interest

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People sign up for an email marketing newsletter because they want to learn about the industry. They want to know about new properties, open houses, loan modifications, mortgage information, and what options are realistically available to them. You have to make promises but always make reasonable promises. Don’t give false promises on which you can’t deliver. Your contacts will get their hopes up and after suffering from a disappointment, they’ll move on to another real estate investor. Make sure you know what your client base wants—and what it really needs.

Do Catch the Eye, Don’t Overwhelm It

Eye Catching Real Estate

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The attractiveness of an email campaign isn’t always a big consideration, but it’s very important. You want to give your potential clients a way to contact you, via the phone, email, your website, and your social media pages. You need to use bright, interesting colors and images. However, don’t overwhelm them. In general, people are much more likely to simply delete a loud, distracting email or newsletter. Keep things simple but not boring. Make your logo and contact information prominent. Include short tidbits of information readers can easily scan. Don’t overload your readers; they’ll just delete the campaign on which you worked so hard.

People access their emails on phones, tablets, and computers so an email marketing campaign has a lot of reach. It invites new business and loyal customers—as long as you cater not just to what they want, but to what they need as well.

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