Getting Creative With Real Estate

Marketing real estate used to involve newspaper ads, lots of driving around and tons of phone calls. Today’s market is vastly different – and buyers, sellers and real estate agents all benefit from the instant searches, social networking and virtual property tours. Get creative with your real estate marketing and take advantage of everything the Technology Age has to offer.

Supercharge Your Website

Supercharged Real Estate

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Is your website another boring page of home listings? Evaluate your website as if you were a customer. Browse other websites and find ways to stand out. Great options for garnering attention include:

  • Getting interactive: Hold polls for people to vote on the best schools, best neighborhoods for young professionals or nicest places in the city to retire.
  • Offering virtual open houses: Instead of the boring virtual tour, set times to be online answering questions about the property and greeting visitors.
  • Creating sections for specific visitors: Instead of lumping all of the properties together in a long list, give visitors portals for the types of properties they’re interested in.

Tailor Your Advertising

Tailored Real Estate

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One of the mistakes agents make is selling all properties to all people the same way. There are a lot of diverse groups, and the agent who targets the right group for the right property is successful.

If the home is in a notoriously bad school district, don’t waste time pushing it on families with children. This home might be perfect for young professionals or empty nesters. Homes right next to a major highway might be ideal for commuters, but not families who spend time in the backyard.

One of the best ways to target specific groups is through social networking. Get mommy bloggers interested in your four-bedroom split-level in that awesome school district. Generate interest for that studio apartment in the neighborhood with all the sidewalks among jogging and cycling groups. Think about who would most want a particular property, and use social networking to find those groups and promote that property.

Offer Freebies

Offer Freebies

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People love free stuff. There are lots of ways to offer potential customers free gifts, and some cost very little or nothing.

  • Fill your website with useful information for buyers and sellers: This establishes you as an authority, and people will think of you when they’re ready to buy and sell.
  • Buy decorative gift bags and fill them with little items from the discount bin: Home warming items are ideal – such as a bag of toiletries to use on moving day or a quick meal to make the morning of the move.
  • T-shirts, calendars, pens and other items bearing your name, logo and website are a great way to stay on customers’ minds: These items stay in use long after you’ve spoken with the customer, and keeps you in the forefront of their minds when they’re ready for a real estate transaction.

The Nuts and Bolts of Creativity

Real Estate Creativity

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The bottom line is to find out what all the other real estate agents are doing and do something different and bigger. Customers who see your personality through your promotions feel like they know you – and people like doing business with those they know and trust. If you do steal an idea from someone else, do it bigger and better. Creativity in real estate marketing is the gateway to success.

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