Real Estate Listings

Thousands of real estate listings are added to MLS directories all over the country every day. A real estate listing should be attractive and informative. You want to stress the best parts of your property while giving as much useful information as possible.

Real Estate Listings

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Location, Location, Location

Any good real estate listing should start with the location of the property. More often than not buyers are looking for a specific area, and stating it clearly will grab those buyers right off the bat. This should include the address, as well as proximity to local schools and shopping areas, as these are huge selling points.

Dimensions and Statistics

Square footage is essential to a real estate listing, as well as dimensions of the property and acreage. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as basement and garage areas should also be included. How is the house heated and cooled? Is there a septic tank as opposed to a city sewage system? These are things that most people don’t think about until they are buying or selling.


This is where the seller gets to brag. Are there cathedral ceilings? Do you have an in-ground pool, state of the art kitchen, fireplaces, outdoor decks? Naming these amenities not only makes the property more attractive, but they may be that one thing in the listing that the buyer has been looking for.


Including the price is not mandatory. There are those who believe that you need to see the property before seeing the price. There are, however, buyers who might not even take a look unless they know the property is in their price range.

A good MLS listing can sell a property quickly just as easily as a not-so-good listing can leave a property sitting on the pages. Be careful to be honest, but enthusiastic.