Six Top Up and Coming Neighborhoods to Invest In

Real estate is a one of the most well-known investment opportunities. If you buy at the right time, and know your market, you can make a lot of money from your investment in a short amount of time. One of the most important aspects of the real estate market you must learn is where to invest. Take a look at these top six up and coming neighborhoods to invest in.

The West 150s

New York Real Estate

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This New York neighborhood has original housing stock that’s built for the wealthy. Prices here have dipped in the past year, but this up-and-coming neighborhood has a lot going for it, such as great subway access, retail shopping, diversity, and plenty of activity. Real estate experts expect this neighborhood to be booming by 2014.

Highland Park

LA Properties

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This LA neighborhood has been named the most “up and coming” neighborhood in the US. To outsiders, it may not seem like much, but to those who live there, they know the beauty of the neighborhood lies in its steep hillsides, mom-and-pop shops, and original 1920s bungalows. With prices around the 2003 median of $350K, homes here make great investments for first-time buyers in the LA area.

Mira Mesa

Property in Southern California

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This diverse Southern California community brings together 5,000 businesses consisting of smaller independent stores and larger multi-national corporations. The area is home to around 80,000 residents due to its diverse living and close community. It is comprised of Mira Mesa, Miramar, and Sorrento Valley. Investing in this close-knit community will be one of the smartest decisions you make as a real estate investor.

Logan Square

Real Estate in Chicago

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This Chicago Neighborhood features a diverse ethnic and economic population. Consisting mostly of a Hispanic population, you will hear a mix of Spanish, English, and even Polish being spoken throughout the neighborhood. Due to its influx of Hispanic residents, the neighborhood has managed to outlast other Chicago residential areas. Upper-middle class professionals own quite a few homes along the boulevard, and new and rehabilitated townhouses are consistently bringing in more buyers. Grab your investment now while the area continues to grow.

North Maple Leaf

Property in Seattle

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This Seattle, Washington neighborhood will be “one of the country’s 10 hottest real estate neighborhoods in 2013,” according to Redfin, an online real estate company. Some of the great features the neighborhood offers are lower prices than surrounding neighborhoods, great schools, easy access to the highway, and a short commute to downtown. This is another great up-and-coming real estate investment.


New York Neighborhoods

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Once an area ignored by buyers who looked past the outer boroughs, this neighborhood is drawing in more residents with its cozy, small-town atmosphere that has all of the advantages of a metropolitan area. Flushing is a stable community that consists of quality residential neighborhoods, good schools, gorgeous views of the Flint River, and a historic and vibrant downtown area. The neighborhood provides fun annual events and festivals. With all of these great features, no wonder it’s an up-and-coming New York neighborhood, perfect for real estate investors to get involved with now.

These six up-and-coming neighborhoods make great real estate investments. You can invest a small amount now while prices are low, then reap the benefits as the neighborhoods explode over the next couple of years.

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