Celebrity Real Estate: A Look at Their Valuable Assets

Many of us dream of living the celebrity lifestyle, especially when it comes to their homes. Let’s take a look at some of those homes—or mansions—and do a little vicarious living.

Kristen Stewart’s Malibu Pad

Malibu Real Estate

Image via CelebDigs.com

Kristen Stewart has been all over celebrity news sites, mainly because of her highly publicized break up with Robert Pattison. However, Kristen has also been reported to have purchased a bungalow in Malibu. The $4.8 million home is a 5,800 square foot contemporary beach home, with five bedrooms and four and a half baths. She’ll be looking out over the beach through wall-to-wall windows to a perfect vista. Not a bad way to recover and regroup.

Selena Gomez Buys Jonah Hill’s House


Tarzana Real Estate

Image via CampinsCo.com

Often you find one celebrity purchasing another celebrity’s home. Such is the case of Selena Gomez purchasing Jonah Hill’s Tarzana home. This home was purchased from him in 2011 for $2.175 million. This single-story house features 4,500 square feet situated on just less than an acre and features five bedrooms and five baths. Not bad for a Disney star!

Hollywood celebs are not the only ones who live in dream homes. Well-paid sports stars also boast some amazing homes.

Peyton Manning’s New Denver Digs

Denver Real Estate

Image via Talk Of The Town

Quarterback Peyton Manning inked a five-year deal with the Denver Broncos, and then purchased a lovely home in the exclusive Denver enclave of Cherry Hills Village. Purchased for just more than $4.5 million, this home boasts an enormous 16,000 square feet of living space. In addition to numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, this QB’s new home has a media room, a billiards room and even a safe room. Not a bad place to hang out after a rough day on the field.

While many celebrities enjoy the homes that their wealth provides, others have fallen on hard times due to the economy and other factors. Here are two celebrities who have unfortunately lost their homes to financial difficulties.

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

Image via Twylah.com

According to a posting dated February 2012 on a real estate market blog, Terrell Owens had two Dallas condominiums facing foreclosure. According to other sources, another of his condos in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida is also facing foreclosure. Currently, Owens managed to sell one of the Dallas units, while the other is still in foreclosure proceedings. Owens has many other properties, several of which are in foreclosure or teetering on the brink. This from an athlete who received approximately $80 million during his career.

Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage

Image via The Florida News Journal

Nicholas Cage got into a lot of hot water with the IRS and subsequently had a couple of his homes in New Orleans auctioned off. In addition, his homes in Hollywood and Germany were also put up for sale to resolve his IRS issues. Cage blames his business manager for all of his IRS woes, as well as the unpaid mortgages. His business manager has been sued by Cage to the tune of about $20 million. It seems even celebrities have money troubles.

So as you can see, celebrity real estate can be good or bad, but we can all still dream about those mansions, right?

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