5 Bizarre Real Estate Properties

Most people live in houses that are between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet in a major suburb. However, some people like to live in unique houses that put typical suburban homes to shame. There are several houses in the United States and around the world that have thrown out normal conventions to create houses that most people find bizarre. Take a look at the following five unusual real estate properties.

Terry Brown’s Mushroom House

Bizarre Real Estate

Image Courtesy of The Rocketeer via Flickr

In collaboration with university students, Terry Brown (an architect and interior design professor) built the Mushroom House between 1992 and 2006. It is found on the corner of Erie and Tarpis Ave. in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. A variety of materials were use in the construction, including shells, colored glass, wood, ceramics, and various metals. The idea was to create a house reminiscent of music and nature. This house has been featured in several periodicals and museums, and is also known as the “Dr. Seuss House” and the “Treehouse.”

Literal Upside Down House

Upside Down Real Estate

Image Courtesy of magro_kr via Flickr

Found in Szymbark, Poland, the Upside Down House was built by Daniel Czapiewski in only 114 days. Czapiewski’s inspiration for the house was the turmoil brought about by the Communist era — showing how the economy and life were essentially upside down. It is now open for tours, but many report feeling dizzy upon exiting this house.

New York’s Skinniest House

Skinny Real Estate

Image Courtesy of lumierefl via Flickr

Located in Greenwich Village, New York, this bizarre property is 42 feet long but only 9.5 feet wide, making it the skinniest house in New York. It was originally built around the 1850s, but has seen many renovations since that time. It features four wood-burning fireplaces, exposed ceiling beams, several built-in bookshelves, and plenty of unique character. Carry Grant, John Barrymore and the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay each lived here at one time. In 2001, the house sold for $1.6 million and in 2010 it sold for $2.175 million.

Monolithic Dome House

Monolithic Real Estate

Image Courtesy of pengo-au via Flickr

This El Prado, New Mexico house was built primarily from steel-reinforced concrete (airform and polyurethane foam were also used), making it very sturdy. The house itself is about 1,000 square feet and, surprisingly, becoming a more and more popular construction type — there are now several around the world. It is particularly useful in areas that get a lot of tornadoes because it is built not to move. There are several stories of dome houses that have survived huge natural disasters because of their strength.

The Kettle House

Kettle House

Image Courtesy of luckyfukr via Flickr

Located in Galveston, Texas, the Kettle House has stood for over 50 years. It survived a huge hurricane in 2009, and several other natural disasters throughout its life. Typically, houses in this area are built on stilts, but not this home. It is constructed of a very heavy metal that isn’t going anywhere anytime fast.

These houses are pretty cool, but it’s just a small list of the bizarre real estate properties out there. What is the strangest house you have seen? Do you have any dreams to build something unique to live in?

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