Which Company Is Right for You? Large VS Boutique Real Estate Companies

Delving into real estate investment? It’s a great way to earn money, even in a tough economy. When prices are low is the best time to invest. So, you’re comparing real estate agencies and want to know if a large company or a small one can best serve your needs. Take a look at a few of the benefits of each.

Large Real Estate Agencies

Large Real Estate Company

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  • May have more listings
  • Have strength in numbers
  • Offer the security that comes with a recognizable name
  • Probably offer listings in more areas, including different price ranges

Small Real Estate Agencies

Smaller Real Estate Company

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  • Work in a lower pressure environment and might be able to spend more time
  • Spend less on marketing and put more weight on referrals to earn business – which means they might work harder
  • Sometimes, agents in small firms are more experienced because newbies are often drawn to the big guys until they learn the ropes
  • With the Internet, small agents now have access to just as many properties as the large firms

Comparing Apples to Apples

Compare Real Estate Companies

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The reality is, your individual agent is far more important than the size of the company they represent. Agents are independent contractors, not employees. There are wonderful, knowledgable and hard-working agents in both large and small firms. Unfortunately, there are also not-so-great agents working for both. The key is finding a good agent, no matter the size of the company.

Getting the Best Agent

Real Estate Referrals

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You’ll be spending a lot of money on real estate as an investor, and the right agent stands to make tons in commission by doing a good job for you. So take the time to interview as many agents as it takes to find the one that is right for you. Likely, you’ll realize that person as soon as you meet. Don’t hesitate to interview two, three, four or more agents before making your decision. Some agents say they work harder for a client who was referred by another client, so getting a referral from someone you trust is a good idea.

Questions to Ask Potential Agents

Real Estate Questions

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1. How long have you sold real estate in this area?

There are lots of young, upcoming agents that are great at their jobs. And there are lots of established agents that don’t know diddley about the specific area you’re interested in investing in. But one who’s familiar with the quirks of the area that make it different from all the rest can steer you in the right direction – and away from pitfalls.

2. What price ranges of properties are you used to dealing in?

You want an agent that isn’t going to try to up sell you or fail to offer you cheaper listings that might be an awesome investment for you.

3. What is your favorite sports team?

Well, maybe not this exact question, but it is very important to have a great rapport with your real estate agent. Personality conflicts complicate things.

Software That Can Help

There are many tools for the real estate agent and the investor to aid in the process. FreedomSoft offers tools that calculate online home appraisals, generate contracts, produce proof of funds letters and much more. These products can greatly simplify the process of dealing in real estate.

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