Divorcee’s Guide to Quick House Sales

If you’re going through a divorce, one of the biggest issues that you may be facing is selling your home. The process doesn’t need to be drawn out for extended periods of time. Here are a few tips to sell that house quickly.

Price it Right

Price Your House

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While no one wants to lose money when selling his or her home, you do need to look at what the market can bear when pricing your home. Pricing your home too high will drive away potential buyers who have probably done their homework about home prices in the area. Work with a competent real estate agent to do market analyses of the prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood. Look at the numbers carefully. The market comparisons will compare houses that are similar to yours, with generally the same square footage and features. It will provide what these houses were listed for and the actual selling price. Setting an asking price that is much higher than these homes will only extend the time it takes to sell your home. If you really want to sell it quickly, you must price it effectively, otherwise it will just sit on the market.

Don’t Make Numerous Small Price Adjustments

Price Adustments

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After placing your house on the market, don’t think that dropping the price by a few hundred dollars will make it more attractive. If you keep making price adjustments, potential buyers will think that many other people have already viewed your home and rejected it. It also makes you appear desperate. If you truly want to make a price adjustment in order to make the home sell quicker, reduce the price substantially. Note that the most attractive homes on the market are those that are the least expensive and the newest.

Get Rid of The Clutter

Remove the Clutter

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Selling your house can entail some uncomfortable decisions. You probably feel comfortable surrounded by your belongings. However, buyers don’t want to see YOUR stuff. They want to be able to envision their belongings in the house. Clear out personal items such as photos and knickknacks. Make the space as open as possible. Paint the walls a neutral color. Not everyone will be as enamored with that bright red wall as you. Let potential buyers see the space, not the items contained in your home.

Hire a Realtor

Hire a Realtor

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When selling a home, make sure you select a qualified professional. You may think by not having a real estate agent working for you that you will save money on the commission. However, real estate agents have the tools such as multiple listing services and marketing services that will put your home in front of far more potential buyers than you can on your own.

Take some time, get your ducks in a row, price that house correctly and you’ll be selling it in no time. One less stress from your divorce is now in place.

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