Valuation of Homes Online

As a real estate agent, it is always helpful to have Internet tools on hand to help you do your job. Part of the listing process for any property is doing a valuation to determine the price. There are plenty of tools for online valuation offered in real estate software that can help you to get the information you need to set an accurate price.

Online Home Valuation

Image Courtesy of paulswansen via Flickr

Finding Comps

If you could discover a way to find comparable properties to the one you are selling without having to spend all day scouting the surrounding neighborhoods, then that would save you a lot of time. The online valuation tool in real estate software will allow you to set the criteria for comparing properties, and then find you all of the properties in the immediate area that match your criteria. This kind of service can save you hours, and possibly even days, of research time.

Recent Sales

You could spend hours scouring recent deed listings and transactions to find out how much properties are selling for, or you could use the Internet and spend more time selling. Doing a home valuation online will allow you to see the recent property sales for a specific area and allow you to compare the property you are selling to the properties that have already sold.

Tax Information

One of the first pieces of information that a buyer will ask about a property is the tax payments. As you prepare your information for selling properties, a good online valuation tool will help you to collect all of the tax information you need to show to interested buyers.

The Internet has many different services that can make a real estate agent’s job much easier, and real estate software takes them even further. When you use online home valuation services, you can cut your research time down significantly and spend more time making money.